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 April 2, 2003


Olympia Battery Edger

Elmira, Ontario, April 2, 2003

The new OLYMPIA Battery Edger from Resurfice Corp in Elmira Ontario Canada continues the OLYMPIA tradition of innovation and improvement. The OLYMPIA Battery Edger delivers environmentally friendly non polluting electric power to its hand-edger line.

With sealed lead acid gel-filled batteries, eight carbide tipped blades and level controls at your finger tips the OLYMPIA Battery Edger delivers the finest, pollution free finish in the industry. Powered by a 9 hp motor, the Olympia Battery Edger provides more than 40 minutes of high performance edging between charging.

Ease of use and safety are hallmarks of all OLYMPIA products including the OLYMPIA Battery Edger. The blade level controls are at your fingers. The eight carbide-tipped blades provide the finest edging finish in the industry. Combined with the sealed lead acid gel-filled battery array and the custom removable blade holder and auto-set blade kit, the OLYMPIA Battery Edger ensures ease of maintenance and top performance.

Changing the blades on the OLYMPIA Battery Edger is a simple matter of tilting the edger on its side. Removing the four bolts on the blade plate, setting the blade holder in the changer mount and unbolting the carbide tipped blades. The customized blade placement tool ensures the proper placement of the blades.

Recharging the OLYMPIA Battery Edger is as simple as plugging the OLYMPIA Battery Edger into the Smart Charger system which automatically drains the battery of residual power and then recharges the battery to the maximum. This prevents the batteries from acquiring performance reducing memory.

For further information contact:
Don Schlupp 519-669-1694 or Bill Moffatt 519-745-5044 or e-mail



 April 16, 2000

Olympia Millennium Launched

Jasper, Alberta, Canada

The OLYMPIA Millennium line of ice resurfacers was officially unveiled today, setting a new standard for ice resurfacing machines (IRM). In addition to the OLYMPIA Millennium; is the OLYMPIA Millennium Plus with increased water tank and snow bin capacity; the OLYMPIA Millennium Cellect (the world's first NiCad Battery powered ice resurfacer) featuring the world leading Solectria technology, and the OLYMPIA Millennium Direct, the world first non-polluting, plug and go, direct electric powered IRM.

In response to the needs of its customers, Resurfice Corp. of Elmira Ontario, Canada began development work over a year ago to set a new standard for ice resurfacers. While the new, streamlined body of the OLYMPIA Millennium attracts attention, there is a lot more to the changes than just a cosmetic job.

True to it's reputation of being the innovator in the field of ice resurfacing, Resurfice decided to build in all the features an ice resurfacer should have as standard equipment. Andy Schlupp, founder of Resurfice summed it up this way; " our customers shouldn't have to make compromises when it comes to buying a safe, efficient, ice resurfacer. Emission controls, a board brush, automatic snow breaker and an automatic towels lift are as essential to doing a proper ice resurfacing as the OLYMPIA's precision controlled conditioner." The end result was the OLYMPIA Millennium.

Every OLYMPIA Millennium built has an emission control system to dramatically reduce, and in the case of the OLYMPIA Cellect and the OLYMPIA Millennium Direct, eliminate air pollution. To enhance and maximize ease of use and safety for the operator of the OLYMPIA, the dash has been designed in a wrap around configuration with the knobs and levels of the past replaced with push button controls.
Every OLYMPIA Millennium has a board brush, automatic snow breaker and automatic towel lift included.

By streamlining it's manufacturing process, Resurfice Corp. in Elmira, Ontario, Canada has achieved economies of scale which have reduced costs and resulted in more value and performance for the customer's dollar.

When you compare an OLYMPIA Millennium with any other ice resurfacer in the world it is clear that the OLYMPIA Millennium has set a new standard for the industry to strive towards. OLYMPIA Millennium, what every ice resurfacers should be.



 June 16, 1999


News Release (immediate) Kitchener, Ontario Canada.

Andy Schlupp, founder of Resurfice Corporation, the manufacturer of the Olympia line of ice resurfacers has been nominated for the Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year Award at a special ceremony at Kitchener City Hall.

The Entrepreneur of the Year Program was created by Ernst and Young in Milwaukee in 1986, and is now in its sixth year in Canada. It now honors entrepreneurs in 40 regions in the U.S. and in 33 countries around the world. The program is designed to recognize the accomplishments, innovation and success of entrepreneurs and the companies they have built.

Andy Schlupp was chosen for his continuing development of innovative technology in the Olympia line of ice resurfacing equipment; including the newly launched CELLECT, (the world's first nicad cell powered electric ice resurfacer).

Resurfice was also chosen because of its continued growth in the ice resurfacing industry to it's present world leading position, with 80 per cent of the new ice resurfacer market.

Andy is one of 90 entrepreneurs across Ontario to be nominated for this honor. In July 20 finalists will be announced and the Ontario Entrepreneur of the Year will be honored at a gala function in Toronto, October 7th. The Ontario recipient is then considered with four other regional winners for the national honor. The national winner will go on to the International Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

For further information contact Kathy Freeborn or call 519-669-1694.



 June 2, 1999


(Elmira Ont. Canada) - Resurfice Corp. unveiled the Olympia CELLECT, the world’s first nickel cadmium (NiCad) powered ice resurfacer, at the annual Ice Skating Institute Conference and Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Olympia CELLECT combines the Olympia’s world leading ice resurfacing technology with the cutting edge EV (electric vehicle) components and proprietary drive systems of Solectria Corporation of Wilmington, MA.

In response to an industry demand for a pollution free, safe, efficient, cordless electric powered ice resurfacer, the Olympia CELLECT sets a new standard in high performance and low operational costs while producing zero emissions.

The Solectria integrated EV drive system and the nicad battery array provides enough power to do more that 20 ice resurfacings between charges, far exceeding the capability of any other battery powered electric ice resurfacing machines presently on the market.

Using an on-board, microprocessor-controlled, battery charger, a recharge of 15 minutes provides enough power for a single resurfacing. The SAFT NiCad batteries are ideally suited to cold temperature operations.

The Olympia CELLECT has a top speed of 18 mph and can easily handle a slope in excess of 20 degrees when fully loaded.

The trade marked name CELLECT was chosen to highlight the fact that the power source is from long-life SAFT NiCad battery cells.

Adding to the drama of the unveiling of the Olympia CELLECT prototype was the unique paint and decal job. Extreme Colors paint from BASF created display of ever changing colors on the Olympia CELLECT, as the people moved around the ice resurfacer. The paint mimics the iridescence found on soap bubbles, butterfly wings and sea shells.

The Olympia CELLECT is the latest in an ever growing Olympia line of ice resurfacing equipment from Resurfice Corp. Resurfice Corp is the leading developer of ice resurfacing technology, with over 15 hundred Olympia ice resurfacers operating in more than 30 countries around the world.



 January 31, 1999

Heads are turning on the highways of the United States Midwest and the west coast as the new Olympia Tractor Trailer delivers new Olympia Ice Resurfacers to arenas in twenty states. The 53 foot trailer delivers both the world's finest and most innovative ice resurfacers, and the message that the Olympia is the smoothest running ice resurfacer which gives you the smoothest ice surface possible. Olympia the definition of SMOOTH. Available in seven basic models, four different types of power sources, there is an Olympia which fits your exact needs and budget.



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