Incident Statement

Incident Statement

During the evening of October 14th, 2020, a significant fire occurred onboard a 2001 OLYMPIA Millennium ice resurfacer manufactured by Resurfice Corporation.  We are pleased to confirm there were no injuries.  We wish to highlight this event to all owners as a reminder for the need to ensure proper maintenance and operator training is completed.  To assist in this goal, we offer the following information.

OLYMPIA machines, like most, are designed and built with an 8 year or 5,000 operating hour life span.  The hydraulic system is a key component of an ice resurfacer.  Hydraulic fluid is pumped under pressure to provide the necessary power for traction, auger movement and many of the other accessories required to properly maintain artificial ice. However, all hydraulic systems can fail without warning. Should oil escape from this closed circuit it presents a risk and hazard of fire, especially if contact with any part of the exhaust system is made.

Resurfice Corp. reminds all owners of the importance of completing daily inspections of an ice resurface from the time it’s put into use, checking for damp or disfigured hoses.  Beyond these routine checks, more detailed inspections of the hydraulic hoses and components should be done annually by a competent person.  Ultimately Resurfice Corp. recommends replacement of all hydraulic hoses a by a manufacturer recommended technician after 10,000 hours of operation.   Please be aware that specific to hydraulic systems, aged hoses may wear from the inside which will be undetected.

As required by applicable health and safety regulations owners must have the appropriate Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for hydraulic fluid on hand and all operators must receive training – contact Resurfice if you do not have an SDS.

Resurfice Corp. further reminds all owners and operators of the benefit of emergency operator response training for these types of event. Key points to be included in this workplace specific investment requirement should include but is not limited to:

  • Reviewing the owner’s manual
  • Reviewing the applicable SDS for hydraulic oil and power source
  • Having and regularly inspecting the onboard fire extinguisher – while training operators on how to effectively use it
  • Reminding operators to try and remain calm, move equipment away from any spectators, and then shut off the unit to stop the supply of fuel to the fire
  • If safe to do so, and applicable, isolate the fuel supply by shutting it off
  • Begin evacuation procedures

Resurfice Corporation supports the efforts of the ORFA (and other Provincial Associations) and USIRA in providing introductory training in the form of the Safe Ice Resurfacer Operator (SIRO) and advanced Ice Maintenance and Equipment Operations courses as valuable training tools. Contact your local training organization for more information.

For further information, please contact Resurfice Corp. directly at 519 669 1694.

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