Resurfice Corp. has been a leading innovator and manufacturer of ice-resurfacing machines and arena equipment for over half a century.As a family-owned business, we have a unique and eventful history:

1963   Andy Schlupp becomes part of Pett Machine (William Pett) with four other partners.

1967   Andy produces the first tractor-mounted ice-resurfacing machine.

1970   Andy and a partner purchase the Canada Felt Factory in the village of St. Jacobs and continue manufacturing ice-resurfacing equipment.

1971   The company name is changed to Fab-met Manufacturing.

1974   The company produces their first self-propelled ice-resurfacing machines using GM drive trains. A large flood in the Waterloo region hits St. Jacobs, including the Fab-met plant.

1975   Fab-met participates in its first trade mission to Europe with the Ontario provincial government.

1977   The company name is changed to Resurfice Corp.

1978   A fire in the plant causes extensive damage, once again resulting in major repairs and equipment replacement.

1981   The self-propelled OLYMPIA and the tractor-mounted Champion ice machines are trademarked.

1987   The first OLYMPIA Bandy (4000) is shipped to Sweden. This is the world’s largest ice resurfacer.

1988   The Schlupps sell the old felt factory to a developer. The company moves operations to Elmira where they built a much larger facility to accommodate increased demand. An OLYMPIA machine cleans the ice at the Calgary Olympics.

1989   The first direct electric ice-resurfacing machines are developed. They are run by an extension cord from the arena’s rafters.

1993   The first OLYMPIA SS-50 Mini is delivered to Rockefeller Center in New York City.

1998   OLYMPIA Cellect (the world’s first niCad cell-powered electric ice resurfacer) is produced. This machine sets a new standard in high performance and low operational costs while producing zero emissions while in use. The OLYMPIA Cellect is the first battery ice resurfacer with AC motors.

2000   The OLYMPIA Millennium line of ice resurfacers is officially unveiled.

2004   Resurfice purchases Eisbar Electric GmbH, in Osnabruck, Germany. The company had been manufacturing battery-powered ice resurfacers since 1984. Resurfice changes the company name to Icebear Electric GmbH and the product is renamed OLYMPIA Icebear. The OLYMPIA 250 mini (a tractor-mounted ice resurfacer) is introduced for use on small studio-sized rinks.

2006   The OLYMPIA laser ice-leveling system is developed. This add-on feature produces perfectly level ice every time, along with dramatic energy savings and reduced operating costs.

2008   OLYMPIA Millennium E is introduced. This battery-powered ice resurfacer is non-polluting, top performing and economical. The cost of operating Millennium E is one tenth the cost of a standard propane or natural gas resurfacer.

2010   OLYMPIA Millennium E ice resurfacers clean the ice in all venues for the Vancouver Olympics.

2013   The OLYMPIA Mini E is introduced.

2016   OLYMPIA Millennium H comes online, a quantum leap forward in performance, precision control and fuel efficiency. The mechanical drive system is replaced with the Bosch Rexroth hydrostatic system.